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This is What Successful Marijuana Regulation Looks Like

It’s clean, it’s professional, it’s regulated and it’s making Colorado rich!  This is what Halcyon Organics is implementing in Georgia.  This is the best thing for Georgia even though the state doesn’t know it yet.  I equate it to putting your dog’s medicine in cheese so he eats it.  You do it because it is what is best for him, he just isn’t smart enough to understand it.

Georgia needs to hurry.  This can be our Silicon Valley boom.  But if we wait until Florida or another nearby state does it first, we won’t capitalize the full economic benefits.  We can bring billions of dollars into our ailing economy.  This will create tens of thousands of high paying jobs.  Regulations can control who is allowed to manufacture and sell the product to keep the money in Georgia companies.  Colorado has very protectionist laws to ensure that only Colorado residents of over 3 years can own a marijuana company.  Trust me.  We spent hundreds of dollars asking a marijuana lawyer in CO how to get around the requirements.  There is no way.  We can’t just sit here and watch Colorado and Washington get rich.

C’mon people, start demanding that Georgia’s legislature allow medical marijuana businesses to exploit this CASH crop’s cash!

Here is the video.  CNN has the embed code as Flash Shockwave so it won’t embed right.  This is why Flash is dying, but not fast enough.  HTML 5 rocks.  Watch the video at this link and come back and help us get Georgia on the money train.


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