Halcyon Organics Medical Marijuana Georgia and Cannabis Lifestyle Atlanta

New Breathalyzer Tests for Stoned Drivers

Halcyon Organics Medical Marijuana Georgia and Cannabis Lifestyle Atlanta

One of the most complicated aspects of marijuana legalization and regulation is identifying stoned drivers.  The alcohol industry and other opponents of regulating marijuana cite law enforcement’s inability to accurately test drivers for marijuana as a reason to keep pot illegal.  The alcohol industry says this for good reason.   Over 10,000 Americans die in drunk driving car accidents each year.

Police have had problems testing whether or not drivers were high because adequate tests did not exist.  Current labs and drug screening kits tested only if cannabinoids were present in the sample.  These tests cannot determine if the cannabinoids were active or inactive.  Basically, the tests showed if the person had used marijuana within the last 30 days, not if they were impaired at the time of the test.

This was a significant problem for both law enforcement and citizens.  It isn’t cool to get a DUI when you’re sober because you ate a cookie 2 weeks ago, but it also isn’t cool to get baked, drive around, and put other people in danger.

Ask and you shall receive.

Scientists developed a new breathalyzer that detects marijuana on people’s breath between 30 minutes and 4 hours after use.  This is a big deal because this breathalyzer will catch people who are driving high.  They can then be charged with a DUI or DWI, whatever regulations we create.

Now that there are no more arguments against regulating and taxing marijuana, all that’s left is to decide how to regulate it and how to spend the money!

Halcyon Organics is Atlanta’s first medical marijuana company and cannabis lifestyle brand.  We will get medical marijuana legislation in Georgia.

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  1. James K S
    James K S says:

    Impairment from cannabis is much different than impairment from alcohol. Although any impairment on the road is dangerous, it is unfair to treat them the same. These limits of ‘5 nanograms’ are unproven and they come as a result of trying to equate cannabis impairment with alcohol impairment and BAC. Even a person who consumes cannabis just one day a week would likely fail these tests on most days, even if it had been a whole week since consumption. If you believe that these are the kinds of people who need to be arrested, well, then you’re misinformed. Most users of both substances would say there is a marked difference in being ‘high’ and being drunk, especially when it comes to reaction time, hand eye coordination, and the other elements that are vital to driving. Of course its easy for someone like you who has never tried pot to say ‘just arrest them all’. I’m curious to know how many of your investigated vehicle accidents were the direct result of only cannabis use, and not any other drug/alcohol? I would guess less than 1%

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Excellent Points, James. I’m glad that someone brought them up. You can have 5 nanograms from using non-psychoactive products or for 5 days after any use. Both of these situations would result in a sober person getting charged with a DUI. This is a problem that must be addressed.

      When you say “your investigated vehicle accidents”, to whom are you referring? We didn’t conduct the study, we republished it for readers’ info.

      When you say “for someone like you who has never tried pot”, I’d like to remind you that we are the people who own a medical marijuana company 😉

  2. GKN Life
    GKN Life says:

    Good article. Marijuana issue have become very famous these days. A final decision is yet to come in many cities for its legalization. Due to its health benefits it is being legalized in many cities.


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