A Taxed and Well-Regulated Medical Cannabis Program Will Only Benefit Georgia

Right now, 30+ states and Washington D.C. have legal medical cannabis programs while Washington State, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska have legalized all cannabis use.  Numerous factors, including proven health and medical benefits,  have increased levels of public support to over 80% of Americans in favor of well-regulated medical cannabis programs.

With over a decade of studies and data from states like Colorado, which began regulating medical cannabis in 2000, we have learned that well-regulated and taxed programs provide countless economic, social and medical benefits.  Taxing and regulating medical cannabis shows so much promise and so few drawbacks that the Federal Government has deferred enforcing federal marijuana law, allowing the states’ economies to flourish from this new, billion dollar industry.

The marijuana industry already exists, it just is not regulated or taxed at all.  We should tax and regulate this industry so that our communities benefit from its existence.

After reviewing the real medical, economic, and social benefits of medical marijuana regulation, you will be asking yourself,

“Why the heck aren’t we taking advantage of this in Georgia?!”

Georgia Listened!

Governor Deal signs HB 1 on April 16, 2015!

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Medical Marijuana Atlanta

Medical Benefits

University, medical, and clinical studies all find strong evidence that links the cannabis plant to cures or treatments for Alzheimer’s, cancer, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, Crohn’s Disease, PTSD, CTE, MS, AIDS, ALS, Glaucoma, and Hepatitis C.  This list will only grow once GA allows doctors to study this life giving plant.

Economic Benefits

Taxing marijuana sales generates millions of dollars for local governments without levying tax increases.  This burgeoning new industry will also creates 1000’s of high paying American jobs.  Regulating marijuana cuts governments spending and costs associated with arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating medical marijuana users.

Social Benefits

A Centers for Disease Control study proved that teen marijuana use decreased in states that had regulated medical marijuana programs.  Other studies show that medical marijuana programs lowers the rate of violent crime by transferring the product away from criminals into the hand of regulated business.