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Medical Cannabis Strain of the Day!

Introducing “Strain of the Day”

2014 has been a great year for medical cannabis.  The facts about cannabis’ medicinal value have finally made it into the South and legislative change is imminent.  We know that nothing is going to happen between now and the November 4th midterm elections because all the legislators are campaigning, but that doesn’t mean that we’re also wasting taxpayer’s money.

The 2014 medical cannabis campaign we did was a mere warm up to what we have planned for 2015.  One of our objectives for 2015 is to further educate the public about different kinds of cannabis strains.  In order to do this in a fun and simple way, we are going to begin doing “Strain of the Day” blogs.

The Strain of the Day will profile different medical cannabis strains, their genetics, and their medicinal value.

Strain of the Day is being written by legal California patients and caregivers.

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