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Maryland May Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use

It’s so exciting to witness major societal change and be on the right side of history.  The internet is the spark that has caused major changes.  It allows information flow without the road blocks created by biased media outlets.  Think about 40 years ago.  They only had like 3 TV channels.  You heard ‘news’ as it was interpreted by the boards or directors of 3 massively rich corporations.

Imagine how misguided the masses would be if they got their ‘news’ from someone as evil and conniving as Rupert Murdoch tapping phones and polluting people’s brains with lies presented as facts 😉

Check out this fun article about a gubernatorial candidate in Maryland who says she wants to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate Wants to Legalize Marijuana

I know this is longshot, but at least people aren’t scared to talk about this anymore.

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