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Legal Cannabis May Be Closer Than We Think

These are halcyon times for the cannabis industry.

As more and more Americans learn the facts about this benign plant, they are asking questions.

Why is this plant illegal?

Why isn’t the government encouraging scientists and universities to study cannabis medical properties?

Did I have to lose my father to cancer or could cannabis given me more time with him?

Could I have gotten to know my grandmother if the government allowed science to research cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease?

The government is finally listening.  The day after CNN aired Sanjay Gupta’s documentary, WEED, U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, spoke on changes to American drug policy.  Holder alluded to Drug War’s failure and that the federal government is exploring different options.  The main point was the elimination of mandatory minimum sentences for drug convictions not related to violence or organized.  Beyond that, Holder did not offer many details.

Holder received criticism from both sides of the issue.  Of course the old school drug warriors said he was soft on crime, blah, blah, blah.   I don’t listen to morons’ opinions anymore, so I don’t respect anyone that sees current policy as anything but a failure because they are either profiting from these policies or simply misinformed and stupid.  I apologize if my candor offends you.

On the other side, some marijuana advocates have criticized Holder for his vagueness.  They argue that he should have specifically mentioned changing cannabis laws.

As a cannabis advocate, I would have loved to hear Eric Holder come out and say, “We’re legalizing weed!”

As a realistic adult, I understand that this is a process.  We have to crawl before we can walk.  The timing of all of these occurrences is exciting.  I think that the Obama administration is strategically planning federal marijuana decriminalization.

Think about it.  Obama offered Gupta surgeon general position, so we know they are friends.  Holder and Obama work together and are allies.

Sunday:  Gupta and CNN air this show explaining the benefits of cannabis on a national, reputable stage.

Monday: Eric Holder says that U.S. drug policy sucks and needs a change.

I think this is setting the stage for an overall shift in marijuana policy.  Obama has always liked scientists and researching technologies.

Here is my prediction of his speech:

“Hello America,

As you know, there is considerable debate about marijuana, its safety and its medical benefits.  Our friends in Israel have been testing the cannabis plant since the 1970s and have found some exciting things about.  It has the potential to fight cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s.  I learned from many doctors and scientists that this plant isn’t the dangerous monster that it has been made to be.

I think that if this common plant may hold the cure to any disease, it is worth letting some smart people take a look at it.  BTW, we can tax it and make a bunch of money.”

There’s my prediction.  Now we have to wait and see.


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