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HB 885 Passes House Committee, Moves to GA House Floor!

This evening, The Georgia Health and Human Services committee voted unanimously to advance GA HB 885 Haleigh’s Hope Act to the Georgia House floor.

The bill has several more obstacles prior to becoming law, but this was a HUGE step.

We anticipate the House will vote on the bill Monday.  We believe HB 885 has the votes to pass.

The House has revised the bill to include a provision which allows cannabis cultivation in Georgia.  Not allowing cannabis cultivation would have rendered HB 885 useless because the Federal Government has been clear and consistent that they will not tolerate interstate commerce.

If the bill passes the House, it will move to the Senate.  If the Senate votes to pass it, HB 885 will go to Governor Nathan Deal to sign it into law.

Wow, right?

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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    So does this mean medical marijuana for people or does this just pass the previous arrangements like under research conditions or what

  2. Sherra Hedrick
    Sherra Hedrick says:

    We need this law passed. There are so many chronically ill patients who need the medical marijuana so they can live a pain free and healthier life. It can also kill cancer cells. This is something that even chemo and radiation cannot do. If you believe otherwise, then you really have your head stuck in the sand. I am speaking from first hand knowledge of fighting stage 4 triple negative breast cancer for 5 years with chemo, radiation and an organic diet, juicing and many alternative methods. This type of cancer is very agressive and rare. I have talked to many people have cured their cancers with medical marijuana so please get this passed.


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