Listen in on Daniel Macris speak about Cannabis and NFL on ESPN radio in Houston prior to the SuperBowl

Should NFL Players Be Able to Use Cannabis? (AUDIO)

One of the big debates in our country right now is over the legalization of marijuana. That is a debate that is happening in the NFL as well. Should players be able to use medical marijuana as a way to recovery from injury?

We spoke to former NFL player Ryan Stewart and then Daniel Macris, who are representing Halcyon Organics at Radio Row in Houston talking about this very issue.

But, unbeknownst to me at first, they aren’t looking to bring medical marijuana into the NFL, they are looking to bring cannabis oil to the league.

Stewart says his quality of life has improved greatly since his using of cannabis oil and also says that players right now are forced to use massive amounts of painkillers in order to be able to play, and this would help alleviate that.


Halcyon Organics Sponsors Marijuana Mondays on The Sully Show

Halcyon Organics’ CEO Daniel Macris on the Sully Show for Marijuana Mondays. Listen in on the talk for informative insight on Halcyon Organics’ evolved CBD liquids and hemp extracts.

Halcyon Organics is the first medical cannabis company in the south

Halcyon Organics is featured in “Budding Business” in the August issue of Atlanta Magazine.  Go buy this issue!  Get a sneak peak of the article now:

Halcyon OrganicsAtlanta Magazine Budding Business 1st page


The medical marijuana debate in Georgia

Daniel Macris, CEO of Halcyon Organics, discusses why he believes medical marijuana should be legalized in Georgia.

August 12, 2015 Atlanta Live appearance with Vinnie Politan:

Halcyon Organics Daniel Macris on 11 Alive with Vinnie Politan

Daniel Macris being interviewed by Jaye Watson

Halcyon Organics Daniel Macris Discusses Medical Cannabis with Jaye Watson

This is interview on 11 Alive with Brenda Wood on April 10 2014.

Halcyon Organics Daniel Macris and Brenda Wood

These a sample of our news appearances.

Georgia Business Radio August 21st – Host Ryan “Redhawk” McPherson: Guests Krystol Sanders with Agents Alliance & Women Grow, Terry Hester with Hempfully Green Inc., Daniel Macris with Halcyon Organics, Joe Salome with Social Joe Marketing

Watch the video below to see Halcyon Organics CEO Daniel Macris and Joe Salome’s portion of the talk. If you want to listen to the entire talk please click here and press play!


Georgia startup has high hopes for medical marijuana

“A new Atlanta company hopes to become the city’s first medical marijuana company even though pot — medicinal or recreational- is still illegal in Georgia. If Georgia ever changes its law, Halcyon Organics LLC will manufacture and dispense medical marijuana products to Georgians.” Phil W. Hudson Staff Writer-Atlanta Business Chronicle

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Medical Marijuana: Big Business or Waiting Game?


2013 Tea Party Conference, Marietta GA – Highlights/Review

“One of the most dynamic speakers of the day was Daniel Macris.  After Mr. Macris finished speaking about the positives of legalizing marijuana, a position I do not support, I found myself opening my mind to, at least, hear from the other side.” Stacy Rush Editor/Creator at The Right Rush


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