Halcyon Organics endorses Hayden Collins for US Congress GA District 11

Halcyon Organics Endorses US House Hopeful Hayden Collins

Hayden Collins is a sensible conservative who will restore dignity to the GOP.  He is not a career politician.  While his opponents were running unsuccessful presidential bids or mired in political scandal, Hayden was serving his country as a soldier, and later, as a civilian, in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Most importantly, Hayden Collins is concerned with what is best for his constituents’ lives and Georgia’s future.  He believes that sick and suffering Georgians deserve the same access to life-saving treatments afforded to other Americans.  To achieve this, Hayden Collins supports implementing a well-regulated medical marijuana program in the State of Georgia that provides qualified patients with legal access to safe, lab-tested cannabis-based nutraceuticals that are clinically proven to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes.

Halcyon Organics applauds Hayden Collins’ mission to help Georgians and proudly offers its full endorsement for Hayden Collins’ GA District 11 Congressional bid.

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