Halcyon Organics is in Atlanta, Georgia!

Helping your fellow man or woman is a fundamental American principle.

Atlanta's First Cannabis Lifestyle Brand

We believe that enriching and saving people’s lives supercedes obeying laws that are medically, clinically and scientifically proven to be wrong.  We see people desperate for help and their government isn’t there for them.  If the state of Georgia won’t help Georgians, Halcyon Organics will.

We refuse to sit idly while our friends and neighbors suffer.

Do you read about the many medical benefits that cannabis offers but think that you can’t get relief without risking arrest?

Of course you do and you’re not alone.

Did you know that 36 states already allow the use of cannabis to treat numerous illnesses and save lives?

Now you know.  Georgia cannabis laws are not only unjust, but also unconstitutional.  We live the same country, pay the same taxes, follow the same Constitution, and yet, Georgians can be arrested and lose everything for using a medication that is legal for Americans who live 600 miles away.

Georgia Controlled Substance Therapeutic Research Act is Georgia’s Medical Cannabis Program?

In 1980 Georgia General Assembly unanimously passed a medical marijuana research act, (Controlled Substance Therapeutic Research Act – Code 43-34-120) becoming one of the first states to recognize the medical benefits of marijuana. With support of Lt. Gov. Zell Miller, House Speaker Tom Murphy, Rep. Virlyn Smith and Governor George Busbee, this landmark legislation opened the doors to therapeutic cannabis. The law relied upon federal cooperation and supply, therefore rendering the law cumbersome and ineffective in accomplishing its goal to further the research into the benefits of medical marijuana.

In August 2013, Attorney General Eric Holder announces that the Department of Justice would respect states’ rights concerning medical marijuana.  This changed the world for millions of Americans seeking safe and legal access to cannabis.

Halcyon Organics helps only those who have serious or terminal medical conditions.  Because local law enforcement shares our belief that enriching and saving Georgian’s lives is more important than enforcing obsolete and misguided laws, they respect our mission.

It’s really difficult to call someone a criminal after watching him risk his freedom to help your sick father eat for the first time in 5 days.”  -Atlanta Police officer (requested to remain anonymous)