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FACT – Medical Cannabis has Higher Approval Rating than All Elected Officials

The facts are out.  Cannabis is not only safe for human consumption, but it contributes to a healthy brain and body.  Cannabis fortifies our human endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for proper immune function, sleep, appetite, mood, digestion and pain perception.

This information is free and available via numerous credible sources.  In addition to cannabis’ medicinal properties being proven, all of its alleged dangers are proven to be either misstated, exaggerated, or completely fabricated.

Think about this.

Over the past 5 decades, The U.S. Government, The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), and The National Institute of Health (NIH), have spent billions of our tax dollars to prove that cannabis is a dangerous, addictive, gateway drug that is responsible violence, addiction, recreational gang rape, terrorism, insider trading, communism, COPD, bestiality, global warming and death.

However, they haven’t found anything bad about cannabis.  In fact, after the U.S. Government’s cannabis research, they patented cannabidiol (CBD) as a neuroprotectant and anti-cancer compound.  You can see the patent here.

Our government spent billions of our dollars to vilify a plant and came back with a patent for its medicinal value.  It’s tough for them to defend their medical patent while the plant has its schedule one status.

This alone should be enough evidence convince any human with an IQ above 75 that medical cannabis should be legal, but it isn’t.  Why?

Corruption or ignorance.

My intent for this op-ed is to arm cannabis supporters with some facts and questions that will overcome any objection about medical cannabis, and also, keep their elected officials honest.

I hope that you all call and email your elected officials and demand that they support medical cannabis legalization.  This is going to be fun.  Let’s go…

Medical cannabis has a higher approval rating than any American politician.

Medical cannabis has an average nationwide approval rating of around 85%.  This figure is higher amongst people under 60 and lower above 70 years old.

There is no American politician that can say they have an 85% approval rating.  In 2014, The U.S. Congress had an approval rating of 11%.  Abortion is more popular.

When you call your representative to tell them that you support medical cannabis, remind them 80%+ of their constituents support medical cannabis.  Then ask if they received 80% of the votes last election.

Any politician that doesn’t support medical cannabis is a hypocrite.

With facts proving that medical cannabis legalization creates copious social, economic, and medical benefits, all politicians should support this issue if they really want to improve their district.

If you’ve heard an elected official make any of the following statements and oppose medical cannabis, you should call and ask them to explain why their position contradicts their campaign messaging?

1) “I support freedom and liberty.”

How can you support freedom and liberty if you support taking away your constituents’ freedom and liberty for their personal decisions?

2) “We need to stop Obama’s Big Government by protecting states’ rights.”

If you don’t want the federal government interfering with states rights, then why to support The DEA violating states’ sovereignty and arresting private citizens?

3) “I think that we should help sick people with cannabis, I just want to make sure that it is done safely using FDA approved medicines.”

This Big Pharma rhetoric is dangerous because it’s politically safe and sounds nice, but it’s a dead-end solution.  The reason is because the DEA classifies cannabis as a schedule 1 controlled substance.  This means that the FDA cannot approve medical use of it.

If you hear a politician say this is their solution to medical cannabis, immediately go to followthemoney.org or votesmart.org or simply Google “the politician name campaign donations”.  You will find that all of these politicians receive significant donations from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and doctors – anyone who profits from selling drugs.

In fact, search who donates to any politician who opposes medical cannabis.  You’ll find that many politicians are probably being paid by groups that profit from the illegal status of medical cannabis.  Follow the money.

6) “I support small business, commerce, and free enterprise.”

If you support free enterprise, then why don’t you support your constituents’ right to start businesses that other Americans are allowed to profit from?

7) “I’m tough on crime.”

If you’re tough on crime, then why do you support policy that makes mexican cartels and urban gangs rich?  Legalizing cannabis diverts money from illegal enterprises to regulated, tax-paying businesses.

BTW – Mitch McConnell’s family owns an international shipping company.  International customs agents found 90 lbs of cocaine on one of Mitch McConnell’s ships in November 2014.  McConnell strongly supports drug prohibition.  Could it be because his family makes extra money from high cocaine prices?  I don’t know.

8) “I believe in democracy and am here to serve my constituents.”

If this is true, then why don’t you support what 80% of the population wants?


We know that medical cannabis use will be legal nationwide at some point.  We can speed it up by demanding that our elected officials do their job and pass legislation that a majority of the population wants.

Medical cannabis legalization is compassionate, it’s economically viable, it’s helps sick people, it saves our country money, it helps small business, it hurts gangs and cartels, it lowers teen cannabis use, and it decreases roadway fatalities.

Why is there even a debate still going on?

By: , founder and ceo of Halcyon Organics.

© Halcyon Organics 2015

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