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Dispel Common Cannabis Propaganda Lies

Science, medicine, and statistics have proven that the old anti-marihuana propaganda is just that.  Upon learning this, rational people evolve to support legalizing medical cannabis use.

However, a shrinking, but vocal, group of people who oppose medical cannabis exists.  Undeterred by looking foolish, they unabashedly parrot lies fabricated over 50 years ago.

The following is generic anti-cannabis rhetoric that’s fun to dispel.  If you hear anyone saying this stuff, ask them if you can borrow a Vanilla Ice’s To The Extreme and Sony Discman that you can use while you rollerblade in Daytona Beach.

1) “Marijuana is a dangerous and addictive gateway drug.”

Science and medicine have proven this statement to be false.  This is the equivalent of saying “The earth is flat” or “Men are smarter women.”  Both statements were once considered fact, now the only people who still believe them are uninformed Luddites.

2) “Marijuana use supports terrorism.”

This one is so outrageous that not even the cannabis prohibitionists use it anymore.  I imagine that it came from strains like Afghani Kush.  I just threw this one in for fun.

3) “Legalizing cannabis will lead to ‘Big Marijuana’.”

This gem was dreamt up by Kevin Sabet and the propagandists at Project SAM.  This one is smart because it evokes the scary images of ‘Big Tobacco.’  Kevin Sabet, David Frum and Patrick Kennedy skilled propagandists.  They support replaces criminal penalties for cannabis with mandatory rehab treatment.

Guess who owns the rehab facilities?  Them.

Anytime billions of dollars are involved, there will be “Big Something.”  Illegal marijuana creates “Big Cartel” and “Big Drug Dealer.”  Legalizing medical cannabis will create “Big Marijuana.”  It will also create regulations to control “Big Marijuana.”

We stopped “Big Tobacco” using regulations.  If tobacco were illegal, do you think it’s manufacturers would have followed government regulations?  NOPE.

4) “Cannabis causes abnormal cell division which leads to severe hereditary defects.”

This is not true or based on any science.  It is just made up like the following statement.  “Watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ causes autism.”

5) “People who begin using marijuana at 12 years old have 8 point lower IQs”

A recent published study ‘proved’ this.  I believe that the study proved its hypothesis.  What the study failed to mention was that it was designed to prove this conclusion.  They left several variables unchecked, including alcohol and drug use.  What they did was get a bunch of old alcoholics who used marijuana and compared them to people who weren’t losers and found that the control group had a higher IQ than the drunks.  Then they concluded the IQ drop was from the cannabis.

I’d like to point out that anyone whose parents allow them to begin using cannabis at 12 is going to have an uphill battle at life.  A few IQ points isn’t going to be what keeps this person from succeeding.

I’ve read studies that show cannabis users being healthier, thinner, more educated and more intelligent than non-users.  I bet that there is a study that proves video games or TV lowers IQ when compared to reading non-fiction books.

6) “There are over 700 chemicals in marijuana.”

This is true.  The deception here via omission.  The 2015 version of this is, “There are over 700 medically important chemicals in cannabis.”

7) “Marijuana turns teenagers into brain craving cannibal zombie monsters.”

This is actually true and pretty scary.

I hope that this educates and empowers.

Don’t be ashamed to say that you support medical cannabis.  People at church and work aren’t going to assume you’re a pothead by supporting this issue if you do it correctly.

Medical cannabis legalization is compassionate, it’s economically viable, it’s helps sick people, it saves our country money, it helps small business, it hurts gangs and cartels, it lowers teen cannabis use, it decrease roadway fatalities, and it increases the number of brain eating teenage zombies.

By: , founder and ceo of Halcyon Organics.

© 2015 Halcyon Organics

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