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Coughing and “Gas” Means Bad Quality

The cannabis industry is full of myths and misinformation.

Typically, our blog dispels myths fabricated by cannabis legalization opponents.  However, this article criticizes the cannabis industry.

First off, the reason that cannabis is still illegal in half the country is because of potheads.

It is easy to blame Big Pharma, the paper industry, and private prison companies, however, these industries wouldn’t have earned the public’s support if it weren’t so easy to make potheads look bad.  There is nothing endearing or redeeming about a lazy, burnt out 40 year old turd living in their parents basement.  In fact, this is every parent’s nightmare.


Unfortunately, the aforementioned stereotype has had significant influence in shaping cannabis culture.

Because of marijuana’s legal status, universal quality standards have not been established.  Instead, everyone has their own ‘ideas’ of what’s the best.

There are dozens of ways of identifying high quality cannabis.

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BUT, making you cough and/or smelling like ‘gas’ are not 2 of them!

Let’s discuss why.

Coughing from cannabis is a sign of poor quality product.  Not potency.

Unless you take a monster hit or have pneumonia, inhaling pure cannabis extracts doesn’t make you cough.  What makes you cough from smoking marijuana is chlorophyll, unflushed fertilizers, moisture, or mold.  None of these are things that should be found in quality product.

If you’re an experienced user and you get a batch that makes you cough a lot, here are the reason why:

  1. They didn’t flush the plants before harvest.  This means that you’re smoking fertilizer.  That’s why you choke.  Fertilizer is good for plants, not people.
  2. The product hasn’t been dried properly.  Moisture, mold, and powder mildew in flowers will make you cough.  You can smell powder mildew or see it under a scope.  I see a lot of mold and powder mildew on cannabis that gets sent to states who don’t allow mmj.  If the cannabis is not dry when it is vacuum sealed prior to shipping, it’s going to mold.  This doesn’t take long.
  3. The cannabis hasn’t been cured.  This is probably the most common reason for flowers making you cough.  Chlorophyll tastes bad and makes you cough.  Curing degrades the chlorophyll and renders a superior product.  Curing, however, takes at least a few weeks.  Oftentimes, product demand doesn’t offer time for a proper cure.  If this a problem with your flowers, you can cure them in a jar at home.  Google it.

Note: You shouldn’t cough from concentrates either.  If you coughing from bho, shatter, or ice wax, it means that the product hasn’t been properly purged and cured.  All BHO is garbage.  Clean butane is like clean coal.

The next faux indicator of cannabis quality is smelling like ‘gas.’

This one is even stupider than thinking that coughing is good.

I love rap music.  But I blame rap music for the stupid notion of cannabis smelling like ‘gas’ is a good thing.

Unless you have properly grown diesel or chem dawg genetics, your cannabis shouldn’t smell anything like gas!

What causes the ‘gas’ smell is un-flushed chemical fertilizers and metabolic waste.  All of this is bad and shouldn’t be consumed by humans.

When you get flowers that are extremely ‘loud’, it means that the growers pumped the plants full of steroids to increase smell, color and yield.  While this is fun, it has very little effect on potency and adds toxic chemicals.

I hope that this article prevents someone from smoking extra carcinogens.  I’m sure that some people will disagree with the scientific facts posted in this article.  The 1st amendment protects their right to be wrong.

Happy Holiday!

Get ready for a fun 2015…

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