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Congress Votes to Stop DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana Facilities

Today is a great day!  And not only because it is Friday.

U.S. Congress approved a measure that prevents the DEA from interfering with state marijuana laws.  This vote represents the first time that congress has voted in favor of ending cannabis prohibition.  This amendment to HR 4660 passed with a vote of 219-189, including 49 Republicans.

Even Georgia’s conservative Paul Brown voted in favor of this resolution saying  ” [there are] very valid medical reasons” to use marijuana extracts or products. “It’s less dangerous than some narcotics that doctors prescribe all over this country,” Broun continued.  He said medical marijuana was a states’ rights issue and Congress needed to “reserve the states’ powers under the Constitution.”

Some background info on this win…

HR 4660 is the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act.  The amendment, added by California’s Dana Rohrabacher, prohibits the Department of Justice, including the DEA, from spending funds to prevent states from implementing their own medical marijuana laws. The amendment has been offered seven times since 2003. It received a then-record high 165 votes in 2007, which included 15 Republicans.

It’s great to see elected officials creating laws that reflect the values and needs of our society’s majority.  It’s kinda like a democracy 😉


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  1. Kenneth Taylor
    Kenneth Taylor says:

    Fantastic news for the industry!
    Hoping the remaining states will look at this as a free ticket to vote yes for any marijuana initiative supported by the populace!


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