Chris Christie Helped Kill a Baby and Has No Remorse

Anyone following the marijuana legalization movement remembers a few months ago when a father caught New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie after a campaign event and plead for the governor to expand medical marijuana laws to save his child’s life.

“Please don’t let my child die, Governor.”  was the line that made viral news.  Governor Christie explained that it wasn’t that simple in his typically rude style.

Christie eventually signed a bill that created a path for epileptic children to obtain high CBD marijuana products.  CBD is one of the medicinal compounds found in marijuana that stops epileptic seizures.  It has no psychoactive properties meaning that it doesn’t get you high.

Christie’s bill proved to be more for political posturing than helping his constituents.

Another family with a child who has Dravet syndrome is planning a funeral for their 15-month daughter.

Philip and Paula Joana have been trying to navigate Gov. Christie’s medical marijuana program to get the non-psychoactive CBD medication for their daughter, Sabina Rose.  Sabina suffered from Dravet Syndrome, a form of juvenile epilepsy that has a high mortality rate if not treated using marijuana.

Gov. Christie’s path to obtaining life saving medication was to tricky because Sabina died while her parents tried to procure it.

The compassionate Governor spoke about medical marijuana the same day Sabina died.

“I am not going to allow New Jersey to become a California or a Colorado where someone can fake a headache and get a bag of pot on every corner,” said the governor. “So I’m very concerned, if we go down this slope of allowing minors to use this, where it ends.”

Here are a few editorial comments for Chris Christie.

1) Don’t worry, Chris.  New Jersey has a long way to go before you can compare it to Colorado or California.  People actually aspire to go to those states.

2) Faking a headache is what women do to avoid having sex with loud, fat governors.  Faking 50 seizures a day is a large commitment for a bag of pot.  I appreciate the hyperbole, Shakespeare.

3) What is this slope?  Allowing parents to give their dying babies non-psychoactive medicine to let them live?  You see, Governor Christie, those of us who aren’t round don’t fear slopes as much as you do.  Rational people know when to stop something without having surgery to help them.  To be fair, Gov. Christie understands the dangers of addiction with his eating problem but that doesn’t mean he needs to legislate measures that affect everyone because he has no self-control.

All joking aside, a child died because of Chris Christie’s arrogance and narrow-mindedness.  My heart goes out to the Joanas who tried to do things “the right way” and lost their child for it.  This is another example of why we must disobey and fight unjust laws.  George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson founded our country on this principle.  Halcyon Organics is following their lead.

Halcyon Organics will not let this happen.  If you have a child with Dravet Syndrome, we will help you get the medication to save your child’s life.  We are not scared of breaking a law to save a child’s life.  If that makes us criminals, then whatever, America really is collapsing.

By: , founder and ceo of Halcyon Organics.

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