Girl Scout Cookies

Strain of the Week- Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is an extremely popular sativa-dominant hybrid…

Strain of the Week- Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain from Northern California…
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Top 4 differences between an Indica and Sativa Cannabis Strain.

Top 4 differences between an Indica and Sativa Cannabis Strain The…
Orange Crush

Strain of the Week- Orange Crush

Orange Crush is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain originally from…
White Widow

Strain of the Week- White Widow

White Widow is a legendary hybrid strain that crosses Brazilian…
Blue Dream

Strain of the Week- Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain blending a Blueberry indica and…
Blackberry Kush

Strain of the week- Blackberry Kush

  Blackberry Kush is an indica strain that is a mix of…
Halcyon Organics First Medical Cannabis company in Georgia

Georgia Passes HB1 and Leads the Deep South into Medical Cannabis

Tuesday March 31st, 2015   Atlanta, GA - Last week…
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FACT - Medical Cannabis has Higher Approval Rating than All Elected Officials

The facts are out.  Cannabis is not only safe for human consumption,…
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Coughing and "Gas" Means Bad Quality

The cannabis industry is full of myths and misinformation. Typically,…