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FACT – Medical Cannabis has Higher Approval Rating than All Elected Officials

The facts are out.  Cannabis is not only safe for human consumption,…
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Coughing and “Gas” Means Bad Quality

The cannabis industry is full of myths and misinformation. Typically,…
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Blackberry Ice Wax Lab Test Results

Medical Cannabis Concentrate Lab Results Here are test results…


T-Rex is an balanced hybrid strain of medical cannabis.  It's…
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Cannabis Wins Big in 2014

Because young voter turnout during midterm elections is low,…
Halcyon Organics is the first medical marijuana and cannabis dietary supplement in Florida

Amendment 2 Florida Medical Marijuana Bill in Trouble

Amendment 2 Florida voters will vote for a medical marijuana…

CBD Alone does NOT Treat Epilepsy Effectively

“I know it freaks everybody out, but we need THC.  Only when…
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Strain of the Day: Ken’s Granddaddy Purple GDP

Strain of the Day:  Ken's Grandaddy Purple Ken's Granddaddy…
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Medical Cannabis Strain of the Day!

Introducing "Strain of the Day" 2014 has been a great year for…

Cannabis Update from California

California Cannabis Update Hi everyone, I wanted to write…