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Blackberry Ice Wax Lab Test Results

Medical Cannabis Concentrate Lab Results

Here are test results of our Blackberry Kush ice wax.  Ice wax is an industry term for medical concentrates extracted using ice and water.

Halcyon Organics medical cannabis ice wax, bubble hash, solventless concentrates


The important numbers are THCA – 71.98%, THC – 63.44%, and CBN – 3.16%

We are proud of these results because our THCA and THC levels are comparable to concentrates made using toxic solvents like butane.  Our cannabinol (CBN) content is extremely high for any extract.  We increase CBN by using controlled methods that convert the THC into CBN.  This sample would have had even higher THC content were we not pushing for more CBN.

Cannabinol (CBN) is helps you sleep.  It also offers pain relief and anti-spasmodic qualities.  Clinical research also shows that CBN has anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells and increases bone growth for osteoporosis.

First medical marijuana company in Atlanta, Georgia. California,

This shows no residual pesticides were found on our ice wax.  They didn’t test for residual solvents because we made it using reverse osmosis ice water.

Medical cannabis concentrates, ice wax, bubble hash

This shows a macro photo of our sample and that no foreign contaminants were found in our sample.

These lab results prove that our extraction techniques and methodologies render clean and potent concentrates.  These concentrates are the base for all of our products.  They can also be vaped as a stand alone medicine.

A note about butane hash oil (BHO)

Many medical cannabis companies use butane and other hydrocarbon solvent for extracting essential oils.  Not only in butane extraction (BHO) dangerous and illegal, but it infuses toxic chemical into ‘medicinal’ products.  While pure n-butane is ‘clean’ and non-toxic, the manufacturing process leaves butane with residual heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium.  All of these metals are mutagens and carcinogens.  Cannabis companies who use butane hash oil claim that purging the butane cleans their concentrates.  Purging removes only the butane.  The really dangerous stuff stays in their product until it’s transferred to a medical cannabis patient via consumption.

Halcyon Organics does not use hydrocarbon solvents for any extraction.  We only use clean natural ice water, dry sifting, and CO2 extraction methods.

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