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2013 Tea Party Conference Highlights From Stacy Rush

2013 Tea Party Conference, Marietta GA – Highlights/Review by Stacy Rush December 17, 2013 The Tea Party Youth, sponsored by Tea Party Patriots held its 3rd annual conference over the weekend in Marietta, GA. The schedule included many distinguished speakers including Jenny Beth Martin, Paul Broun, Hayden Collins, Bob Barr, Jennifer Burke, Debbie Dooley, Derrick Grayson among […]

Get Ready for Medical Marijuana, Georgia!

Halcyon Organics officially launches on Monday, January 6, 2014.  We are very excited! We aren’t sure how the State of Georgia is going to welcome us.  I hope that they behave just as professionally and compassionately as we do. Halcyon Organics is advocating that Georgia legalize non-psychoactive medical marijuana strains and products.  This means that […]

Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana

Go Uruguay! I’m not going to rewrite CNN’s article – Here is a http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/10/world/americas/uruguay-marijuana-legalization/ Uruguay’s President will sign the bill today.  This is what marijuana regulations look like: 1) You can only have 480 grams 2) Can’t sell to minors 3) No driving while high All facets of production, distribution and consumption are regulated to keep […]

New Breathalyzer Tests for Stoned Drivers

One of the most complicated aspects of marijuana legalization and regulation is identifying stoned drivers.  The alcohol industry and other opponents of regulating marijuana cite law enforcement’s inability to accurately test drivers for marijuana as a reason to keep pot illegal.  The alcohol industry says this for good reason.   Over 10,000 Americans die in drunk […]

This is What Successful Marijuana Regulation Looks Like

It’s clean, it’s professional, it’s regulated and it’s making Colorado rich!  This is what Halcyon Organics is implementing in Georgia.  This is the best thing for Georgia even though the state doesn’t know it yet.  I equate it to putting your dog’s medicine in cheese so he eats it.  You do it because it is […]

More Evidence That Regulating Marijuana Works

Last Thursday DEA agents and Denver police officers raided several medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.  Initially, the DOJ said that the dispensaries violated one of the eight ‘rules’ they created.  This vague explanation left many questions concerning the governments cooperation with medical marijuana states. Now that the dust has settled, new reports say that the […]

Marijuana Legalization Movement Loses a Friend

Retired Progressive Insurance chairman, Peter Lewis, died yesterday of natural causes at age 80.  Lewis was a philanthropist who supported marijuana legalization and the arts.  NORML estimates that he donated at least $40 million to marijuana legalization efforts and was the financial keystone in Washington’s legalization success in 2012. Peter Lewis will be missed.  His […]