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Maryland May Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use

It’s so exciting to witness major societal change and be on the right side of history.  The internet is the spark that has caused major changes.  It allows information flow without the road blocks created by biased media outlets.  Think about 40 years ago.  They only had like 3 TV channels.  You heard ‘news’ as […]

Alkermes Pharmaceuticals Is The Epitome of Evil

If you didn’t have anything to be angry about today, I have some new for you. The FDA has been discussing restricting the amount of acetaminophen in pain medication.  Acetaminophen is acutely liver toxic.  Alkermes, a pharmaceutical company is Gainesville, GA, has come up with a “wonderful” solution. Alkermes has developed a new drug called […]

Legal Cannabis May Be Closer Than We Think

These are halcyon times for the cannabis industry. As more and more Americans learn the facts about this benign plant, they are asking questions. Why is this plant illegal? Why isn’t the government encouraging scientists and universities to study cannabis medical properties? Did I have to lose my father to cancer or could cannabis given […]