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All Cannabis Use is Medical

All Cannabis Use is Medicinal.

Even if the user misidentified it as ‘recreational.’

The medical cannabis movement is sweeping through the nation with such momentum that even conservative legislators are evolving to see the benefits.  All cannabis use appears imminent west of Colorado and north of Virginia while medical cannabis is plowing through the South.  This is exciting news, but we must remain diligent and see this to the end.  There is one phrase that is slowing cannabis law reform; “Recreational Cannabis.”

“Recreational cannabis use” is the most detrimental phrase our industry faces today.

Over half the U.S. population supports “recreational use” of cannabis.  Unfortunately, those whose don’t support recreational use, oppose it vitriolically.  “Recreational cannabis” is exactly what the opposition is fighting to prevent.

The flip side to this is that over 80% of Americans support medical cannabis use and over 85% support freedom in healthcare decisions.  All of these statistics are trending upwards.

In the South, “recreational cannabis use” is a non-starter and a debate that cannot be empirically won.  On the other hand, “medical cannabis use” is a debate we win.  And we don’t need to manipulate our messaging to change the debate, we need only to correctly identify ‘medicinal use.’

Cannabis and The Human Body

Cannabis is imperative to maintaining a healthy body.  Cannabinoid ligands fuel and balance the human endocannabinoid system, a system that regulates the immune system, mood, sleep patterns, appetite, and pain sensation.  Just like vitamins, the human body needs cannabinoids to function properly.  Due to cannabis prohibition, most Americans suffer from endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome.  Endocannabinoid deficiencies manifest themselves in the form of autoimmune diseases, depression, bipolar disorders, neurodegenerative conditions, inexplicable pain, and sleep disorders.

The American Medical Association(AMA) and US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) considers all of these as legitimate medical conditions.  They approve and sell thousands of different drugs developed to treat all of them.

Now, let’s delve into the mind of a ‘recreational’ cannabis user.

Recently, I’ve been interrogating self-proclaimed ‘recreational’ cannabis users to find out what’s so fun about smoking weed.  Their initial answer is always the same; “I don’t know, I just like it.”  But after digging with some questions, it always turns out the same.

Recreational cannabis users are using cannabis for medical purposes, they just don’t realize it.

Here are the post prodding answers and the medical condition that the ‘recreational user’ is treating using cannabis.  I’ve also added common drugs and medications that are the AMA and FDA’s more popular treatments.

“It makes me relax.” – Anxiety.  Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Prozac, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, and the generics.

“It helps me sleep.” – Sleep disorder/Anxiety. Ambien, Lunesta, Unisom, Nyquil

“It calms me down.” – ADHD/Anxiety – Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse

“It helps me think.” ADHD – see above

“It helps my stomach calm down.” GI, IBS, IBD. Pepto, Pepcid, Prilosec, I don’t know the RX drugs for this.

“It helps me talk to people.” Social anxiety – Alcohol

“It makes spending time with my spouse more fun.” – Sexual dysfunction/Anxiety. Viagra, Cialis, that new female viagra.

These are all medicinal applications.

I encourage all “recreational” cannabis users to reevaluate their use.  If there is a prescription or over-the-counter drug designed to treat something that cannabis helps you with, that’s medical use.  If they sell something at GNC or Vitamin World that cannabis helps you with, that’s medical use.  You may not use these other medications because you already know that cannabis is a superior treatment, you just didn’t realize it.

Our society defines recreationally using a drug or medicine as “abuse.”  Exclaiming that you use any drug recreationally is the first step into a 12 step.  If you still don’t think that your cannabis use is medicinal, please call it ‘therapeutic’ so that you don’t look like an addict and hinder the entire movement.  When we have medical, I promise that you’ll be able to find a doctor that will write you a recommendation.

By Daniel Macris, founder and ceo of Halcyon Organics.

© 2016 Halcyon Organics


54 replies
  1. FibroMan
    FibroMan says:

    I am medical cannabis patient. I support both movements medical and recreational. I support the recreational movement because as a cannabis patient I am a prisoner bond to stay within my state or break the law. Even in other medical states I would be breaking the law because I have not paid that state for a medical Rx. However in a recreational state I can buy my medicine legally. More recreational states there are the more places I can go.

  2. Lisa Barriera
    Lisa Barriera says:

    I support medical and recreational. It is not legal in my area. It is the one thing that makes me want to go somewhere else. My doctors would have me at pain management hopped up on pills if I allowed it. I will take medicine if I need it but not the way they prescribe. Since I went back to smoking marijuana and giving up cigarettes and alcohol, my life has gone from really bath path to really good path. I could not go up stairs, Now I can go up and down with two bum knees. I went from being cranky and to relaxed and i could take up all your space explaining my personal experiences to the personal experiences I have witnessed with others. #legalize

  3. Beckman
    Beckman says:

    Cannabis oil cures cancer.

    We do deal with lots of patients everyday who have done chemo and several other measures fighting cancer and other ailments. Cannabis oil is remarkable and has outstanding results.
    You could start few grams and confirm the progress of which we’re a 100% sure of its effectiveness.

    After trying the few grams and you seem to be impressed with the rapid improvement of your health condition.
    Let us know, If we can help you out, we know how better you could become just from using this products which so many out there are still ignorant of it’s wondrous deeds in putting some joy and good health to many Cancer patients.


      • james Barry
        james Barry says:

        They can also develope a psychological addiction to gummi bears now should this be illegal what about all the people who are junkies because of oxycodone and all the other pills pros are addicted to that are legal and have far worse side effects

  4. Tim
    Tim says:

    It seems to me odd that I can get a prescription for needed drugs that are valid in all 50 states, I can take these drugs legally anywhere in the US, but a medical Cannabis card is only good in the state in which it was written. Why the double standard?

  5. Russ Belville
    Russ Belville says:

    Yeah, I remember when I took that mega-dab in Los Angeles, ended up car sick on the freeway, then finally curled up in the fetal position on the sidewalk, dry heaving until my head and ribs hurt.

    Sure felt medical!

    Or the time I had that edible and it launched me into a violent retching fit in Washington State.

    Mmm, medical!

    And those four-to-six people I see at marijuana events who take a big ol’ dab and then crumple to the ground passed out, sometimes smacking their heads on the way down.

    Yay, medical!

    I don’t need anyone’s approval to smoke pot, thanks. I don’t need to fig-leaf what I’m doing with pleasant euphemisms because I’m not at all ashamed of what I’m doing. I smoke pot because I like it a lot. Medical benefit is wonderful, but irrelevant to the exercise of my bodily and mental sovereignty.

    Now, you’re on the right track as far as the word “recreational” goes. It invokes frames of being optional, being abuse, being frivolous. But the key isn’t to fig-leaf every and all conditions under the “medical” umbrella. That will get you right into the frame the opponents want medical marijuana to be in – an excuse for potheads to get high.

    Keep on with this essay’s line of reasoning and you end up like California, where the 18-25-year-old skateboarder claims he needs pot for his “anxiety”.

    Indeed, the South will likely have to traverse medical first. But your closer of “I promise that you’ll be able to find a doctor that will write you a recommendation” is exactly what medical opponents will deride as “Dr. Feelgoods” running script mills for potheads. Any Southern medical that could pass is going to arbitrate the dividing line between potheads and patients quite strictly – I doubt even chronic pain wouldn’t be a qualifying condition, much less anxiety or depression.

    When people read these polls – 90% support medical marijuana! – they read into them what they think “medical marijuana” means. So, when the elderly lady is asked by a pollster “Do you support the use of marijuana by adults if recommended by a doctor for medical purposes?”, the granny is thinking, “well, sure, if you’ve got cancer or something serious, a doctor should be able to let a patient use pot.”

    But advocates think “See, granny supports a doctor writing four recommendations an hour for medical marijuana for skateboarders with anxiety for $45 out of a practice where that’s all she does!”

    So instead of “recreational” marijuana, advocates here out west have taken to calling it “adult use” or “personal use” marijuana. It’s more of the “All Use Is Nunya Damn Business” frame. In the South, this can be used in the “Keep Big Gubmint Out of Our Private Bidness” frame.

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      You make very valid points, Russ. And LOL to your story about being dabbed out in LA. I have a very similar story from SF when I didn’t know how many milligrams of edibles to take, so naturally, I started with 250. I ended up in the fetal position in the back of a pickup sleeping it off!

      However, if you take too much of other medications, you’re going to have those ‘medical’ feelings. Eat a bottle of tylenol and I bet you’re curled up dry heaving from liver failure. Eat too much oxycodone and you’ll be curled up in a box.

      The bigger point of this article is to get people to stop mentioning ‘recreational use’ in the South because it is a non-starter. Medical use can happen down here right now, rec won’t for a few more years.

      I’ve been a big fan of your work for a long time, man. Thanks for all that you’ve done for our industry and thanks for reading!


    • Darin Wiseman
      Darin Wiseman says:

      Russ, I think the Author was saying the basic need to have cannabinoids is HARD- WIRED into our brains as a necessary component of normal and beneficial bodily health… Brain included.
      Yeah Russ, I’m pretty sure if you continue to experiment with “dabs” , it’s a no- brainer you might feel a wittle sick. It’s like attempting to drink a fifth of 150~proof vodka in twenty minutes and then driving on a highway in the dark, pouring rain, with two other friends and no seat belts; It’s just, WHY?
      Therefore, everything you said After “…is irrelevant to my bodily and mental sovereignty ” was nearly irrelevant to my wanting to continue reading not- yet- another pessimist viewpoint… although I did read it twice.
      You were evolutionarily FORCED to accept this plant and it’s benefits into your body! We have co- existed for millennia and the receptors must be satisfied! I think that’s what I took from his well written article.

  6. Regina
    Regina says:

    This is why I prefer the terms ‘casual’ and ‘focused’ vs ‘recreational’ and ‘medical’–when you become a patient you get focused, until then it’s typically a casual relationship that is very healthy!

  7. David Martin
    David Martin says:

    I am in partial agreement with you here Daniel. As I’ve pointed out many times to (the frustration of) fellow cannabis activists, if a substance will cure an illness, it is more than reasonable to assume (in the absence of the scientific proof that is now denied us by various governmental authorities) that it will also prevent it. I don’t believe the real problem here is with the use of the term “recreational marijuana” as much as it is with the use and application of the term ‘medical marijuana”. Each jurisdiction is coming up with it’s own definition of a term that is becoming more and more problematic. As I understand it, cannabis is the name of the plant. Medical, therapeutic, recreational, etc. are descriptive of it’s use. I think the Mexican Supreme Court got it right when they ruled growing, possession and use of cannabis is a basic human right. Short and sweet, not confusing or subject to interpretation. KISS it goodbye?? I hope not!!. 😉

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Hi David!

      I like all your points. I’d like to erase ‘marijuana’ from the discussion. The average person is so ignorant to the semantics involving this issue. Most don’t realize that marijuana is a slangy, mexican word for cannabis. “Therapeutic cannabis” is so much more palatable to the objective lay person than ‘medical marijuana.’

      Our industry is at a stage where appropriate semantics and optics are crucial to creating a positive image to legislators and the public opinion which guides them.

      I used to think that ‘medical’ was the way to go, but we are now seeing that gives the FDA jurisdiction to come in and stifle research. The FDA was cool when it was created, but now it has devolved into the monopoly enforcement division of the pharmaceutical industry. I don’t think it is a coincidence that upon the FDA granting CBD with orphan drug designation (ODD) for glioblastoma, it’s trying to stop everyone from selling it because they claimed that it wasn’t marketed as a supplement prior to its ODD. Too bad for the FDA, the internet keeps timestamps of when stuff was done and there are mountains of proof that people were selling cbd before their CBD ruling. We were selling CBD before they gave this status. If we keep it as ‘therapeutic’ or ‘holistic’, we may be able to keep everything in that ‘dietary supplement’ designation that allows the free market to operate.

      Thanks for reading and engaging with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Jat
        Jat says:

        Yes and the government is holding off on legalizing medical cannabis until they can control ( monopolize) the entire system from growing, prescribing, and despenceries. Not to mention patent and change with GMO S…

  8. Erica
    Erica says:

    I think most people who proclaim to be “recreational users” are only saying such because either one, the live in a state where it is not available for medical use therefore without the diagnosis of a doctor it is considered “recreational”, or they haven’t received a diagnosis because they haven’t been. It’s the same as all other prescription drugs, even if you need them for the purposes they are intended for, the fact they don’t have a prescription makes their use “recreational” versus medical use.

  9. Viktor
    Viktor says:

    Thank you, needed this, and been saying so for years. Most people says they use it to wind down. Well, that’s medicinal use! Thanks

  10. Jim
    Jim says:

    This entire discussion is not being truthful. I support legalization in every way but it can be destructive. I know more than a handful of people myself whose use is not healthy. They would rather risk their families and their financial security than to give the high. They read articles like this and have convinced themselves they NEED Marijuana for medical reasons. This article does not help the cause of legalization. It shows a deliberate blindness to risks and facts.

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I agree that an addict would use my article as an excuse to abuse. That’s a risk I’m willing to take because an addict is always going to find a way to justify their problems; that’s what they do. The bigger picture of medical cannabis is that it helps exponentially more people than it hurts. Addiction is a whole other problem that we must address as a society. Medical cannabis is not the problem.

      Thanks for reading!


  11. Jack Jaxson
    Jack Jaxson says:

    Great article. I agree completely. The human body seems to be designed to need the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant for optimal health. The fact that it has been denied to us for 80 years is a crime against humanity. I don’t doubt that we as a species would be a lot healthier overall had the travesty of prohibition not been forced on us.

  12. Cya
    Cya says:

    We’re not an “industry”. We don’t have an agenda. This isn’t about pushing one paradigm over another so that this market is more successful. If an individual, logical adult chooses to identify their use as recreational that is their choice and freedom of expression, and nobody should re-interpret their reality for them as if they are children.

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      You are wrong. Medical cannabis is an industry; calling it anything else is a disservice to patients and professionals who have dedicated their lives to it. As an industry, we need to conduct ourselves in socially responsible ways or else we will get vilified like tobacco, alcohol, and pharma is now. Your short-sighted views are not constructive to expanding cannabis access to everyone.

  13. yvonne
    yvonne says:

    I have been a chronic pain patient for about 10 years. So now i’m so tired of all the pills that is killing my kidneys and liver. plus other side effects i don’t like. I so hope it becomes easier for the doctors to prescribe. Theses pain clinics are not right, I have stopped going. Because going once a month is crazy. I would greatly benefit from cannabis in so many different ways. Would love to see if I could see a doctor who could help me. If anyone knows a Dr. in the Atlanta area please let me know.

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Hi Yvonne,

      I’m not a fan of those pill mills either. They are creating addicts and making a fortune while killing people. Right now, GA doesn’t think that cannabis is good for pain. We know they are wrong. Send us an email. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  14. Mike L. Wallace Jr.
    Mike L. Wallace Jr. says:

    Recreational Marijuana Prevents illnesses (Including Cancers) from occurring . Medical Marijuana is waiting for illnesses (Including Cancers) to set into the body RISKING DEATH before going to a Doctor to try to get a Prescription . Common Sense suggests illnesses Healed by Cannabis are caused by Cannabinoid Deficiency .

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Using cannabis to prevent illness is medical use; it’s called preventative medicine. This is still not ‘recreational’ use. I think you missed the point of the article. The word “recreational” is damaging to entire concept of medical cannabis. Scientific data also suggests many illness are caused by cannabinoid deficiencies.

  15. yvonne
    yvonne says:

    i do agree. They are such a higher demand for the medical Cannabis than the “recreational use” … A lot if people between ages around late 20’s to maybe 70’s that would need some education on the medical part. but cannabis would benefit them so much .


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