Alkermes Pharmaceuticals Is The Epitome of Evil

If you didn’t have anything to be angry about today, I have some new for you.

The FDA has been discussing restricting the amount of acetaminophen in pain medication.  Acetaminophen is acutely liver toxic.  Alkermes, a pharmaceutical company is Gainesville, GA, has come up with a “wonderful” solution.

Alkermes has developed a new drug called Zohydro.  Zohydro is the hydrocodone equivalent to Oxycontin.  They took out the acetaminophen and beefed up concentrated hydrocodone.  To make this product extra addictive, they have not included any kind of “anti-abuse” measures to the medication.  What this means is that addicts can chew, snort or even inject highly concentrated hydrocodone.  Anyone who has read about the devastation that Oxycontin had should be sick to their stomachs upon learning that a new “legal heroin” is coming.  But wait, it gets better…

The FDA voted 11-2 not to approve Zohydro because people with brains know that this drug is going to kill people and ruin lives, however, Alkermes still got Zohydro approved.

Still not angry yet?  Keep reading.

One of Alkermes Pharmaceuticals more popular medications is called Vivitrol.  Vivitrol is drug used to treat opioid addiction.  Zohydro is an extremely potent and addictive opioid.

If you don’t think that the people at Alkermes are evil yet, then I have some more info for you.

Alkermes apparently also has huge financial interest in drug rehab facilities.  Guess which drug they give people with opioid addiction.  It’s Vivitrol!

If you are an investor, buy Alkermes stock because the have a business that is very profitable.  Here it is:

1) Develop a wildly addictive narcotic analgesic (Zohydro) and make it easy to get a prescription for it so that you get lots of people addicted.

2) Send these addicts to rehab facilities that you own.

3) Require these rehab facilities to give patients another addictive drug that you manufacture, Vivitrol.

4) What for people to relapse and start the cycle back over again.

Regardless of you religious views, most people will agree that there is a special place in hell for people that are this greedy and evil.

Here is a link to the NY Times article about this

Here is a link to Alkermes contact if you want to send them a nice message telling them what wonderful humans they are.

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  1. Tommy Gleason
    Tommy Gleason says:

    Zohydro. Fuck that, let’s just not beat around the bush and just call it SnortHydro and include a fuckin’ rolled up bill with your purchase.

    Good article whomever wrote this. I like your style.


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