Advocating for medical cannabis research and law reform in Georgia is one of our core functions.

Medical Cannabis Advocacy

There are several ways that you can help Halcyon Organics create a well-regulated medical cannabis program in Georgia.

  • Voter Mobilization

    84% of Georgians support a well-regulated medical cannabis program because they know that it will benefit our state.  Curiously, our elected officials continue to evade this discussion.  Using event sponsorship, social media and online marketing and aggressive lobbying, we will help mobilize voters in Metro Atlanta’s most powerful districts and encourage our legislators to do what is BEST FOR GEORGIA.

  • Civil Disobedience

    If people blindly followed laws, then The United States would still be a British Colony, women wouldn’t be allowed to own property or vote and Black people would be slaves.  Bad laws don’t change themselves, people must change them.  Using the precedent of civil disobedience, Halcyon Organics will provide medical cannabis to sick Georgians.  We dispense medication only for debilitating, chronic or terminal illnesses. Click the link to learn more about Halcyon Organics Georgia Medical Marijuana Program.*

  • Fundraising

    Capital resources are paramount to any successful endeavor.  We use the proceeds of our cannabis lifestyle products to finance our advocacy efforts, but it isn’t enough.  We need your help.  ”Help” can be as simple as signing up for our newsletter so that we can tell which political candidates will pursue medical cannabis legislation.  ”Help” can be a simple as buying one of our t-shirts or volunteering to spread our message.  And of course, “help” can be as easy as liking our facebook page or sharing a tweet on Twitter.

“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

– Thomas Jefferson, Author of Declaration of Independence and 3rd President of The United States.

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*Our intention is not to undermine or disrespect any law enforcement institutions nor police officers.  We are not criminals nor do we cause harm to anyone.  Doctors and scientists all agree that cannabis has many medicinal properties.  Halcyon Organics is simply using what God gave us to help our brothers and sisters.