About Halcyon Organics

Halcyon Organics (Hal-see-uhn Awr-gan-iks) is the South’s first medical cannabis company.  We develop and manufacture safe, lab-tested medical cannabis nutraceuticals.

Our evolved wellness program combines tomorrow’s technologies with yesteryear’s medical approaches.

What does this mean?

Today, drug manufacturers and healthcare providers demonstrate a reactive approach to medicine.  They wait until people are sick before they do anything to help.

Our Evolved Wellness program utilizes preventative therapy by supplementing and fortifying the human body’s endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS).  The ECS controls your body’s most vital systems and process including immune, appetite, sleep, mood, pain and more.  Halcyon Organics products are designed to prevent you from getting sick.

Once you’re sick, it may be too late.

Halcyon Organics is Atlanta's first medical Cannabis company and cannabis lifestyle brand.

Our Mission

Halcyon Organics develops cannabis-based nutraceuticals that promote overall health via preventative therapy.  Our mission is to help people before they are sick.