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16% of the Population is Dumber Than the Average Pothead

84% of Americans support medical cannabis…Why?

Unlike anti-cannabis groups who use propaganda and untruths to further their agenda, this pro-cannabis majority exists and is growing because of scientific, anecdotal, and medical facts.

If 84% of the American population is pro-medical cannabis, that leaves 16% who don’t support medical access to cannabis.

I was on a radio show last week when a cannabiphobe called  in and said that:

“Medical cannabis should be illegal because it is unproven.”

There are so many places to start in deconstructing this mouth-breather logic.  Here we go…

Cannabis, and its cannabinoid constituents, are proven to have medical value. Period.

Here are over 50 peer-reviewed medical papers from reputable journals.  View clinical studies about cannabis.  If these are difficult to understand, look at the millions of Americans who are benefitting medically from cannabis and the doctors who verify the results.  I doubt all of them are “faking it” so that they can get high.

But instead of simply using verified data to resolve disagreements, let’s pretend that we don’t know that cannabis has medicinal value and entertain the objection, “Medical cannabis should be illegal because it is unproven.”

Everything is unproven until it’s proven.

I realize this sounds mind-numbingly rhetorical, but how else do you respond to a mind-numbing statement?

The idea of prohibiting technological and medical advancements because they are unproven is the antithesis of American innovation.  What made America the greatest country ever is that we respond to the statement, “You can’t do that because it’s unproven” with “We’re going to prove it.”

Imagine how different our world would be if we took the “we’re not going to do it because it’s unproven” approach to all medicine.  We wouldn’t have medications or vaccines for anything because nothing is proven until it’s proven.

I’m glad that about 84% of people supported scientists’ efforts to develop a smallpox vaccine instead of saying, “Well, it isn’t proven so we should be happy that it’s killing only 30% of those infected.”

The next time you hear someone say that cannabis should remain illegal because its medicinal value is unproven, gently remind them that everything is unproven until someone proves it and give them a medical journal.  This should convince any logical person to rethink their position.  If it doesn’t, remember that about 16% of the population probably still believes in unicorns.

By Daniel Macris, founder and ceo of Halcyon Organics.

© 2015 Halcyon Organics




an extreme or irrational fear of cannabis and cannabis users .

“The Nazi soldier suffered from cannabiphobia.”