10 Reasons Why Cannabis is Better than Alcohol

Top 10 Reasons Why Cannabis is Better than Alcohol

As a veteran in the cannabis industry, I’ve enjoyed watching the social perception of product evolve from ‘loser, high schooler’ to the hottest medicinal herb on the market.  It’s always amused me to see the arrogance and hypocrisy that drinkers exhibit to cannabis and it’s users.

I like drinking alcohol. I like how it feels to have several drinks.  I HATE the consequences of drinking alcohol.

Here are the top 10 reasons why cannabis is better than alcohol.  All these reasons are based upon medical facts, proven statistics, or decades of college students’ stories.

10. You don’t wake up with those “oh shit” regrets or blackouts from cannabis.

You know what I’m talking about.  Guys, it’s when you wake up with that girl you hope your buddies didn’t see dragging you home. It’s the picture of your junk on your passed out homeboy’s head.  Ladies, It’s waking up next to that back hair and barbwire tattoo who may still have sports posters up in an apartment. It’s your boobs out in NOLA, PC, CR, DR, or South Beach. It’s those black bruises on your knees and butt cheeks for which you have no recollection nor explanation.

Cannabis can make you spacey and forgetful – the stakes are just lower.  Cannabis makes you forget where you left your car keys, alcohol makes you forget where you put your car.


9. Cannabis hangovers are better than alcohol hangovers.

A strong edible will give you a hangover if you eat it late.  The next day you’re going to be sluggish and dopey.  But after an extra cup of coffee and some sunlight, you’re good.

Alcohol hangovers can literally be devastating.  They can be like an intractable flu, complete with nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, chills, body aches, and splitting headaches.  There is no relief from a bad hangover. You just have to lay there and take OR smoke some cannabis.

Cannabis is the safest hangover cure, I’ve found.  So when alcohol causes me to make bad decisions, cannabis comes in and cleans up my mess – clutch!

8. Cannabis is cheaper to use than alcohol.

This one is incomplete because there aren’t ‘cannabis bars’ to compare apples to apples, but I think that cannabis home use is cheaper than alcohol home use.

Good cannabis edibles with 50mg of THC (enough to get stoned) cost about $5.  That’s equal to 1 or 2 12 oz craft beers at Whole Foods or a PBR tall boy at Tin Lizzy’s.  You will feel 50mg of THC A LOT more than $5 of alcohol.

7. Cannabis has ZERO calories.

Cannabis is fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, cholesterol-free, and any other healthy adjective you can think of.  Alcohol is loaded with empty calories.  Skinny Girl vodka is a better marketing campaign than it is a low-calorie alcohol.  Alcohol contains calories – it suck, but there’s no avoiding or denying it.

Look around at people and you can see it.  Look at men’s stomachs.  I’ll bet that the guys that drink a 6-pack or a few glasses of wine each night have flabbier stomachs than your cannabuddy’s.  If you’re in a corporate environment, you may not know your cannabis friends.  You can smoke an oz of cannabis and get fewer calories than 1 sip of beer…until the munchies kick in.

6. Cannabis is not poison nor toxic to your liver, kidney, brain or bladder.

Alcohol is quantifiably toxic to the human body. It destroys your brain, liver and kidneys.  If you drink enough, you will get bladder cancer if you survive the liver damage.

I like the whole “2 glasses of red wine per day is healthy” idea, but it’s bullshit.  Maybe 4 ounces of red wine per day is good for you, but who only has a 4 oz serving? You would get about the same health value from a glass of grape juice.

But what about the blood thinners in wine? Drink a teaspoon of hemp seed oil and you’ll get the same benefits from the omega fatty acids.

The US government, DEA, NIH and NIDA have spent over a trillion dollars over the past 50 years trying to prove that cannabis was a deadly drug.  They haven’t found shit.  They only thing these studies have resulted in is the U.S. government patenting several parts of the cannabis plant.

5. Cannabis Doesn’t Provoke Violence

This fact is tougher to prove because there aren’t many ‘official’ sources for this info.  I have to fallback on anecdotal evidence here and ask people to reflect upon their own experiences.

Would Ray Rice have “HAAARUKKENed” his wife were he blunted instead of drunk?

Would Randy Travis repeated be found walking naked down Texas highways if he were burning with Willie Nelson instead of drinking Wild Turkey?

Would Reese Witherspoon have gotten verbally abusive with that Atlanta cop that busted her if she’d smoked with Mcconaughey instead of boozed out?

I spent a lot of time in college.  The only time I saw fights happen was when people were drinking.  I haven’t heard a lot of man beating woman stories that don’t involve man drinking before the incident.

I welcome anyone to challenge this assertion.

4. You can’t overdose and die from cannabis.

I need to clarify this. YOU CAN OVERDOSE ON CANNABIS.  You just can’t die from the OD.  Too much cannabis is no fun. It lasts a long time and get really trippy.  You can be absolutely certain that ‘you’re totally dying for real, dude’, but you’re not.  You wake up the next day a little slow and mostly embarrassed.  I don’t care about the 2 ‘cannabis death’ stories about 2 stupid boys. 1 fell off a hotel balcony and the other shot himself after taking edibles.  First off, we don’t know if there were other drugs or alcohol around.  Second, idiocy finds a way.  These kids were doomed from the start.  If it wasn’t a cannabis edible, a plastic bag or toy with small pieces would have taken them out.

If you drink too much alcohol, you die.  I’m not referred to a car accident.  Alcohol has a lethal dose that is very easy for a 21-year-old to find, especially if they have tools like funnels to help.  Fortunately, our bodies are smart enough to make you puke if you drink too much, but it isn’t foolproof.  Alcohol took Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin away from us. That’s reason enough to say ‘F you’ to Mr. Booze.

3. Cannabis helps people develop empathy and self-awareness.

I personally believe this is the most relevant reason for the rift between cannabis and alcohol.  The effects are almost perfectly diametric of one another.

Alcohol is liquid courage.  As a man, when you’re drunk no man is bigger, smarter or more charming than you.  Every woman wants you and none of them are ‘out of your league’ or too hot.  You’re the F’N man!  Since I’ve never been a drunk woman, I’ll improv how it is for them (give me feedback ladies).  As a drunk woman, you’re damn sexy.  Guys want you and girls are jealous of your style, confidence and toned body. Kim Kardashian is lucky you went to college and aren’t trash or else it’d be “Keeping up with YOU!”

Cannabis is the opposite.  It makes you think more. Contrary to stoner stereotypes, cannabis encourages different spectrums of brain activity. THC is a powerful neurotransmitter.  Cannabis makes you think more introspectively and analytically.  I didn’t truly understand how to empathy until I began using cannabis.  It helps me to understand how others feel.  It also helps me to understand my own feelings.  Self awareness is one of the most important virtues of successful people.  While it isn’t fun to think about what sucks about you, it’s the only way to know what you’re good at and how to effectively mitigate your weaknesses.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis (Marijuana) Leaves

2. You can live a full, healthy and successful life as a cannabis user.

Everybody does something.  You don’t see a lot of daily drinkers live long and successful lives.  You can find plenty of examples of drunks living long, embarrassing lives or short, successful ones, but not both.  This goes back to the overall toxicity associated with alcohol.  It just isn’t made to use forever.

You should use cannabis in some capacity every day.  This doesn’t mean ‘smoke weed every day’.  It means that you can use cannabis your entire life and won’t have any adverse reactions which brings us to numero uno…

1. Cannabis is good for you.

Yep. I’ll say it again.  Cannabis is good for all humans.  Our bodies have endogenous systems that modulate vital life functions that need cannabis to function properly.  One more time…

The human body doesn’t function properly without the cannabinoids found only in cannabis.

If you don’t believe me, google “human endocannabinoid system” and start reading.

I’ll be awaiting your order…

By: , founder and ceo of Halcyon Organics.

© 2014 Halcyon Organics


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