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The First Medical Cannabis Company in The South

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Did You Know That Medical Cannabis Can Treat...


Alzheimers Disease




Cerebral Palsy

Multiple Sclerosis

Wasting Syndrome



Chronic Pain

Breast Cancer



Severe Nausea

Prostate Cancer

Brain Cancer



Muscle Spasms

Crohns Disease


Menstrual Pain

Male Pattern Baldness






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Halcyon Organics medical marijuana legalization and regulation advocates
Medical Cannabis Regulation Advocates
Medical Marijuana Legalization Advocates Atlanta Georgia, Halcyon Organics

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Halcyon Organics will lead the way, but we can’t do it alone.  Changing laws is a big job and we need your help.  Find out how you can help by mobilizing voters, volunteers or purchasing our line of Halcyon Lifestyle products.


  • Georgia's first medical marijuana company and cannabis lifestyle brand.
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